Politically Correct Shun Responsibility For Protecting Americans

Our leaders, from judges to military officers, must choose whether or not to buck the tide of political correctness. Where did this come from? And will it destroy our society?

THE RESULTS OF A FACEBOOK POLL yesterday, asking if political correctness (PC) has gone too far, were surprising. Ninety-seven percent said yes. No one pretends that these polls are scientific. Still, the number was stunning. Since the shootings at Ft. Hood, Americans are waking up to the fact that tolerance has its limits.

The Ft. Hood shootings raise questions about the priorities of officials tasked with protecting us and about whether the climate of political correctness ties their hands.

Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey’s remarks after the attack were famous. “What happened at Fort Hood was a tragedy,” he said, “but I believe it would be an even greater tragedy if our diversity becomes a casualty here.”

That turned out to be one damaging—some say revealing—sound byte; and it didn’t play well across America. Most people don’t want even one life to be sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. Of course, we have to protect diversity in the military. The general was mistaken, however, to frame it as a higher priority and as an either/or choice. But Casey can’t be blamed for alluding to political expediencies that military leaders and politicians require of practically everyone.

Although political correctness has existed throughout history, communists gave us the term and defined it in the 20th century. The term doesn’t come from a healthy background. It’s always been associated with repression. Political correctness in communism was being afraid enough to agree with party dogma. Supporting the party’s agenda unlocked jobs, promotions, and power for the faithful. Others were reassigned or purged. Political correctness operates in America today in much the same way.

Conservative talk radio hosts, notably Rush Limbaugh, have launched the term into American politics in recent years. It was a brilliant stroke. The much-used catchword now describes the Trojan horse of socialism that the Democratic Party has become.

Not just Democrats are affected by PC though. Leftists have made it a force to be reckoned with everywhere from the media to the military.

The worst politically-correct wonks in America are definitely the traditional media. They identify themselves as leaning left twice as often as the average of all Americans. Yet they advertise themselves as fair and balanced. Their political correctness is a conflict of interest that keeps them from doing their job.

General Casey’s sound byte embarrassed the military early in the investigation, when it was already apparent that Hasan had terrorist connections. Government officials talked about speculations that Hasan was mentally ill and simply snapped. At the same time, they suppressed the terrorism angle and warned people not to speculate about it. The media lapped it up and regurgitated it.

In other words, they told the American people what to think. The American people thought what they would anyway.

It’s tragic what political correctness does to government. Bureaucracies are inefficient by nature, but PC hobbles them. Government diversity training teaches employees what a career buster a lawsuit can be. The downfall of anyone who runs afoul of the PC crowd warns other workers away from doing their job as common sense would dictate. That causes bureaucracies like the FBI and the military to follow expediencies and overlook warning signs (and not to listen to those sounding alarms).

Some people will perceive this as politics as usual; but it has to stop. Because they’re ruining us!

Moral imperatives exist in this world. Near the top of the list is the moral imperative that a leader must protect the lives of his people. If he ignores this, no one will trust him. Bad leaders, who leave their people exposed, should be dumped at the earliest convenience.

To fend off the perception of this, the Whitehouse’s propaganda machine is going to spin like a top. But Obama won’t change his priorities. Political correctness will trump protecting lives. This can only lead to the most dismal ratings ever.

PCs seem to have no sense of responsibility. Blame shifting is their game. That’s why heads are about to roll in the security establishment. At the same time, Obama appears to be taking tough actions against terrorism. I hope the American people will not buy this kind of toughness, which appears only when the president needs it. Can anybody say damage control?

Historically, Americans have done their jobs, tried to be just in their dealings, and protected their own. Discrimination happened. And some people didn’t get a fair shake.

But it was a lesser evil. Are people really treated fairly now? Or has the oppressor simply changed to the government? When the locus of oppression shifts from individual oppressors to the system our constitution mandates to protect us, we ought to be gravely concerned. Because oppression is being institutionalized in the government and the courts.

That tends toward lawsuits here in the United States—lawsuits, and more lawsuits. They’ll ruin you with lawsuits. Those who can negotiate the intricacies of the courts fashion misery for the rest of us.

Of course, judges aren’t immune to PC either. Concerns over how to treat Muslims, for instance, may lie behind a Florida judge’s recent decision to send Rifqa Bary back to Ohio. The runaway fled her parents’ home after her Muslim father allegedly threatened to kill her for converting to Christianity. The judge found no evidence in her claim, despite the recent rash of Muslim honor killings. Child welfare authorities in Ohio are holding her in foster care now, forcing her into psychiatric evaluation, and restricting her use of the internet, which has caused her posts to disappear from her widely-followed Facebook fan page. Sounds a bit like being in jail.

The above video shows what isn’t allowed to be said in the military and the FBI because of concerns about “sensitivity”.


One thought on “Politically Correct Shun Responsibility For Protecting Americans

  1. Media blackout on Rifqa Bary…

    Atlas Shrugs tells that there have been hearings on the Rifqa Bary case in Ohio without public knowledge…

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